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Venezuela crisis: What is happening?

Venezuela crisis: What is happening? There are daily anti-government protests. A person is murdered every 21 minutes, and there were roughly 24,700 violent deaths last year. Anti-government protesters want President Nicolás Maduro to step down, accusing him of plunging the economy into chaos. Maduro, meanwhile, ordered the army into the streets to maintain order. The Venezuelan crisis reached a peak on March 30, when Venezuela's Supreme Court magistrates, ruled that it will take over the opposition-led Congress' legislative powers. What's the impact on Venezuelans? The International Monetary Fun estimates that inflation will reach 720.5 percent this year. * Shortages of food * Shortages of medicine * Blackouts * Unemployment * Violent crime How could all of this happen in a country that has the largest reserves of oil in the world? Oil accounts for about 95% of the country's export revenues. The revenue used to finance some of the government's social programs. When oil pri

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